Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Life: Bananas and Tulips

As I walked by the table under our kitchen window, I saw these sitting there and was instantly inspired to paint them.  The positioning was already there; I don't know if I subconsciously arranged them the day before to make a nice still life, but all I had to do was removed a few pieces of mail and a tupperware container and I had my composition.
I had got the tulips for Dori's birthday and had wanted to paint them before they withered away.  Though Tulips are her favorite flower, Dori is disgusted by bananas, so there's a nice wee bit of irony to the picture.

1 comment:

  1. Bananas are good for you, tulips devine......thus your irony is complete! I carried tulips on my wedding day. Excellent piece Blake--your passion is evident. ~Rose West *Via a post from your mom on FaceBook


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