Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March March March

It's been a busy month and there is lots to share!  So, here are recent illustrations for the Advocate accompanied by their process sketches:

Cover for our issue that published on Leap Day 2012

I've been venturing into coloring with watercolors as opposed to Photoshop, and so far I'm pretty happy with the results.  I'm also inking just about everything these days with a #3 brush and Higgins ink.  Pens still help me out a little, but I'm trying to go the path Will Eisner.  Exceptions to the ink and watercolor approach are the Leap Day cover, which I did all digitally, and the Obama piece, which I inked with the Pentel brush pen and then colored in Photoshop (because the Pentel ink bleeds when re-wetted, not the case with the marvelous Higgins waterproof).  I'm also trying to color more and more sketchbook work with watercolor to build up the skills.  

In addition to illustrating, I also wrote for the April Fool's issue of the Advocate, a couple of pieces that are pretty amusing:


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