Friday, January 27, 2012

Advocate Firsties for 2012

Hey y'all.
I'm really happy with my first two illustrations for the Advocate this year.  A strong start, if I may be so bold.  I'm making myself not be a wimp by inking with the brush pens as much as possible, and I think it's really improved the look of the work.  I'm also trying to rely more on the initial drawing on paper and less on the photoshop end of the the process.  Here are links to the articles, one about In N Out Burger coming to Colorado, and one about new year's resolutions.
Also included in today's edition are a warm-up portrait of Albus Brooks, some more animal drawings from Life Nature Library, and a couple of weird things I just did in my sketchbook because I felt like it.  
Enjoy my friends, enjoy.

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