Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday the sculpture from the previous post was completed and critiqued in my Sculpture 1 class.  

I think I'm naming it Departed.
It's wood, about 20" x 30" x 12," painted with mixtures of gesso, ground charcoal and acrylic gloss medium. posts for September, but I don't feel too bad about it because I've been so busy with school and work, and I really pleased with my sculpture.  I've also started going to Denver West Prep middle school for my field experiences for teaching certification.  I also have some small works from my Jewelry and Metalsmithing class that I will share when I get them back from gradings.  I might try to make several posts in the near future to catch up on what I neglected to share through September, including my sketch book stuff and the completed beetle painting.  We shall see. 


  1. Fantastic! I'm really digging the wood texture and the scale of the piece. The name "Departed" adds a really emotional level to this work, and it made me appreciate the sculpture on a whole new level. Well done, sir!

  2. Thanks, Andy! It took me a little bit to settle on a name, but I'm glad you like it. I hold your opinion in the highest regard!


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